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Year: 201X
Jett "Jet" is the fastest delivery boy for local Papa Nero's Pizza. Also he is the drummer for a garage band called Pist Sexols, along with his best friends Glenn and Becky. Jett's early 20s but he still have a last baby tooth, so when he finally lost it the Certified Tooth Fairy visited him. Her name is Aurora, she's 60, she has been sober since Chinese New Year, she has some issues with anger management, and for some reason a bunch of religious cultist trying to kill her. And so begins the mess. Soon Jett learns that the Fairy World is not a pleasant place for a human being. In fact, fairy tales do not lie, sometimes they just... don't tell ALL the truth.

In a desperate attempt to save humanity from certain doom Jett and Aurora travel across world visiting Aurora's unusual colleagues and acquaintances. After all Jett finds himself in the middle of global confrontation between ancient races. And now he knows answers to three most important questions a man can ask himself right before his death: WHAT exactly does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth, WHAT is the capital of Assyria and HOW to determine the gender of a snail. So HOLD ON TO YOUR TEETH!

- custom hand-made pixel graphics
- classic turn-based battles
- dark humor and a bit of surrealism
- improbable weapon use (sport shop and hardware store are your friends)
- nonstandard skill learning
- a little bit of magic (or Psychokinesis)
- street fights with drunk cops and drug addicted unicorns
- power-up food
- approx. two dozen potential teammates with unique skills and emotional baggage
- multinational team
- "all in a row" (party follows main character)
- soundtrack dissonance
- The Wonderland
- zombie apocalypse (local)
- Amazing Technicolor Battlefields (aka "Lava lamp").

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